I’ve created this quiz to improve snooker knowledge.

Each day a set of ten questions will be made available. Titles of sets coming up will be shown to allow for swotting up.

For those wanting to know what they got wrong, correct answers are shown at the end of the quiz.

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The Big Fat Snooker Quiz Champion will be crowned at the end of season 2020/2021.

Good luck!

John Hunter
Cuestars Academy

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Release Date
Question Sets
21.03.2020World Championship
22.03.2020Ranking Events
23.03.2020The Maximum Break
24.03.2020Women's Snooker
25.03.2020Junior Champions
26.03.2020Century Break
27.03.2020Snooker Connections
31.03.2020Alex Higgins
01.04.2020 Fools Day
02.04.2020World Seniors Tour
03.04.2020Billy Castle
04.04.2020Rules (by Tim Dunkley)
08.04.2020 Snooker Books
09.04.2020Pot Black
11.04.2020Triple Crown
12.04.2020World Amateur Championship
13.04.2020Black Ball Final
14.04.2020Second Jobs (by Tim Dunkley)
15.04.2020High Breaks
17.04.2020Steve Davis
18.04.2020American Terms (by Tim Dunkley)
19.04.2020World Rankings
20.04.2020Judd Trump
22.04.2020The Masters
23.04.2020Joe Perry
25.04.2020Q School
26.04.2020Stephen Hendry
27.04.2020The Cue
28.04.2020UK Championship
29.04.2020Kyren Wilson
30.04.2020Pontins Festivals
01.05.20202019 World Championship
02.05.2020Jimmy Robertson
04.05.2020Head to heads
05.05.2020Reanne Evans
07.05.2020Big Break Show
08.05.2020Mark Williams
09.05.2020Snooker Beginnings
10.05.2020Match Play
11.05.2020Paul Hunter
12.05.2020Mainland Europe
13.05.2020Snooker Etiquette (by Tim Dunkley)
14.05.2020Terry Griffiths
15.05.20201996 World Championship
16.05.2020Managers and Promoters
17.05.2020Ding Junhui
19.05.2020Technique (by Tim Dunkley)
20.05.2020Stephen Maguire
21.05.2020English Amateur Championship
22.05.20201977 World Championship
23.05.2020Willie Thorne
24.05.2020Six-red World Championship
26.05.2020Emma Parker
27.05.2020Snooker Equipment (by Tim Dunkley)
28.05.2020Shoot Out
29.05.2020Robert Milkins
31.05.20201982 World Championship
01/06/2020Jimmy White
02/06/2020Power Snooker
04.06.2020Alan McManus
05.06/2020Top Trumps
06.06.2020Michaela Tabb
07.06.2020Ben Woollaston
08.06.20202001 World Championship
10.06.2020Peter Ebdon
11.06.2020Ted Lowe
12.06.2020European Amateur Championships
13.06.2020Luca Brecel
14.06.2020Junior Pot Black
15.06.2020John Hunter (by Tim Dunkley)
16.06.2020Cliff Thorburn
17.06/2020Becoming a Professional (by Tim Dunkley)
18.06.2020Ng On-yee
19.03.2020David Gilbert
20.03.20202013 World Championship
21.06.2020Snooker Legends
22.06.2020Fred Davis
24.06.2020World Cup
25.06.2020Anthony McGill
26.06.2020Premier League
27.06.2020Snooker Sayings
28.06.2020Tony Knowles
29.06.2020German Players
30.06.2020Funny Old Game (by Tim Dunkley)
01.07.2020Shaun Murphy
02.07.20202010 World Championship
03.07.2020John Williams
04.07.2020David Roe
05.07.2020Welsh Open
06.07.2020Rebecca Kenna
07.07.2020Ray Reardon
08.07.2020Snooker Songs
09.07.2020Frank Callan
10.07.2020Joe O'Connor
11.07.20201986 World Championship
12.07.2020Shot Making
13.07.2020Tony Drago
14.07.2020World Series of Snooker
15.07.2020Clive Everton
16.07.2020Zhou Yuelong
17.07.2020Jan Verhaas
18.07.20202004 World Championship
19.07.2020Alfie Burden
20.07.2020World Open
21.07.2020Mandy Fisher
22.07.2020Graeme Dott
23.07.2020Snooker Plus
24.07.2020Keeping it in the Family (by Tim Dunkley)
25.07.2020David Taylor
26.07.20202017 World Championship
27.07.2020Tim Dunkley
28.07.2020Andrew Higginson
29.07.2020South African Players
30.07.2020Suzie Opacic
31.07.2020Neal Foulds
01.08.20202007 World Championship
02.08.2020Barry Hearn
03.08.2020Ali Carter
04.08.2020Horace Lindrum
05.08.2020Challenge Tour
06.08.2020Dave Harold
07.08.2020Allison Fisher
08.08.20201993 World Championship
09.08.2020Kurt Maflin
10.08.2020Len Ganley
11.08.2020Playing the Percentages
12.08.2020Pankaj Advani
13.08.2020Parris Cues
14.08.2020Scottish Open
15.082020Tony Meo
16.08.20202015 World Championship
17.08.2020Nations Cup
18.08.2020Mike Dunn
20.08.2020Stephen Feeney
21.08.2020Yan Bingtao
23.08.20201969 World Championship
24.08.2020Doug Mountjoy
25.08.2020Snooker Quotes
26.08.2020Nutcharut Wongharuthai
27.08.2020Jamie Wilson
28.08.2020Brendan Moore
29.08.2020Pink Ribbon
30.08.2020Ronnie O'Sullivan
31.08.20201999 World Championship
01.09.2020The Basics
02.09.2020Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
03.09.2020World Trickshot Championship
04.09.2020Shanghai Masters
05.09.2020James Cahill
06.09.2020Jason Ferguson
07.09.20202008 World Championship
08.09.2020Bill Werbeniuk
09.09.2020Maria Catalano
10.09.2020English Open
11.09.2020Mark Allen
12.09.2020Paul Collier
13.09.2020Walter Donaldson
14.09.2020Stephen Lee
15.09.20201990 World Championship
16.09.2020John Virgo
17.09.2020Jack Lisowski
18.09.2020World Matchplay
19.09.2020Rob Walker
20.09.2020Marco Fu
21.09.2020Young Guns
22.09.20202003 World Championship
23.09.2020Barry Hawkins
24.09.2020Gibraltar Open
25.09.2020John Pulman
26.09.2020Rory McLeod
27.09.20201979 World Championship
28.09.2020Kelly Fisher
29.09.2020Kirk Stevens
01.10.2020Tatiana Woollaston
02.10.2020Mark Selby
03.10.2020China Open
04.10.2020Joe Davis
05.10.2020Hossein Vafaei
06.10.20202011 World Championship
07.10.2020Joe Johnson
08.10.2020Liang Wenbo
09.10.2020World Seniors Championship
10.10.2020Snooker Writers
11.10.2020Matthew Stevens
12.10.20201988 World Championship
13.10.2020German Masters
14.10.2020Ken Doherty
15.10.2020Wendy Jans
16.10.2020Giant Killers
17.10.2020Mark Davis
18.10.20201975 World Championship
19.10.2020Eddie Charlton
20.10.2020Alexander Ursenbacher
21.10.2020Ben Williams
22.10.2020Northern Ireland Open
23.10.2020James Wattana
25.10.20201995 World Championship
26.10.2020David Gray
27.10.2020John Spencer
28.10.2020Riga Masters
29.10.2020Anthony Hamilton
30.10.2020Australian Open
31.10.20202020 World Championship
01.11.2020John Higgins
02.11.2020Leo Scullion